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Woman's Club of Steubenville • Established in 1899


As a member of the GFWC, you can be proud to belong to this Steubenville group of women volunteers with a historic legacy and continuing tradition of community service. Working alongside other dedicated club members, you enhance and enrich the lives of your family, your community, and your fellow members. In addition, you have abundant opportunities to enrich your own life through volunteer work and club fellowship; enjoy networking with GFWC partner organizations; and benefit from education and inspirational programs, events, and publications that are created especially with you in mind. GFWC offers important and tangible benefits of belonging to the Woman’s Club of Steubenville such as serving your community through volunteer projects and forming new friendships.

Support for locally-based volunteer activities/charities including:
- GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention with the A.L.I.V.E. Shelter
- North 4th Street Health Center
- The Arts Education
- And many others (See our projects tab).

Did You Know...?
Throughout our history, GFWC has made a significant impacts on the world. Join The Woman's Club of Steubenville and be in the know.

- Did you know you receive individual benefits like the feeling of accomplishment for making a difference in your community? Members can bring causes that are near and dear to our hearts that help accomplish a project or fill a need. The Woman's Club of Steubenville is like a family, the strong relationships that members form between us lead to a strong connection that adds to the quality life for all of us.
- Did you know that GFWC is one of the few organizations who hold a charter from Congress?
- Did you know that the lines on our roads were created by a woman's club member?
- Did you know that 75% of public libraries in the United States were established by GFWC?
- Did you know GWFC had a part in passage of the women's right to vote?
- Did you know GFWC had a part in passing Violence Agaist Women Act and the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act?
- Did you know GFWC has raised funds to purchase an ambulance for the New York Fire Department after Septemeber 1, 2001 and also raised $60,000.00 dollars to be contributed to the Haiti earthquake relief?

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